Canine Commandos Inc !

                                                    Do it for the Dogs!!!    ...and cats too!

Canine Commandos Theme Song:  

Do it for Dogs

Canine Commando Theme Song

Lyrics by: Kacie Kulenguski, Leah Huff and Rachel O'Connell       Melody by: Leah Huff

All shelter dogs have cute, pleading faces

These dogs need all your love and embraces

In spite of their eager wanting big eyes

We can predict all their future demise

The answer's so simple, oh, can't you see

It is with us, yes, you and me.

Watching the dogs there sit and just wait

As time goes on, day after day

In the shelters we do lovingly teach

Every dog that we can possibly reach

When we take dogs from their runs to outside

We teach commands that they all can abide

Canine Commandos will bring them a smile

For every dog for at least for awhile.

We teach commands and here are some

Watch me, and sit, then down, stay and come

We give dogs treats and we give them much love

Commandos touch them as they coo like sweet doves

Some dogs may be very rowdy and rude

It's our job to give them new attitudes

Shelter dogs on your heart strings they do pull

“Do it for Dogs” is Commandos motto.