Canine Commandos Inc !

                                                    Do it for the Dogs!!!    ...and cats too!

How You Can Help



You can help the animals several ways:

    1.  Bring cat or dog food and supplies to any animal shelter or Space Coast Kibble Kitchen, an organization that provides food to the public so they are able to keep their pets that may otherwise end up in shelters, homeless.

    2. You can help by spreading the word of Canine Commandos to other schools.

    3. Volunteer in your local animal shelters.

    4. Adopt a homeless dog (or cat, bunny, bird, ferret, guinea pig, you get the picture) from any animal shelter.   DON'T SHOP, ADOPT!!!!!!

    5. Donate to the Commandos one of three ways....

Send a check to:  Brevard Schools Foundation (BSF), 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way,  Viera, FL 32940 and write "for Canine Commandos" on the memo line.

OR Online through Brevard School Foundation at: 

and please make sure you designate to "Canine Commandos" under DESIGNATION by typing in   Canine Commandos    in box provided.

OR   Our Paypal Account     

Thank you and remember, 

“Do It For The Dogs!”  

and now cats too!

Canine Commandos knows that this website is our voice to the world !

Please feel free to make suggestions, send photographs and stories of Canine Commandos activities and projects,  

We thank you and the Dogs and Cats thank you too !!

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