Canine Commandos Inc !

                                                    Do it for the Dogs!!!    ...and cats too!


This page is dedicated to all of the Canine Commandos, their parents for chaperoning, and the shelters for allowing the program at their sites.


While the Canine Commandos names are too many to mention we would like them to be remembered for all of their hard work and dedication to this program and to the dogs.


Thank you to the schools that have participated due to the Gifted Curriculum Challenge grant of $10,000:

Tropical Elementary

Challenger 7 Elementary

 Lewis Carroll Elementary with 

Mila Elementary and Gardendale Elementary, 

Ocean Breeze Elementary

 Indialantic Elementary

 University Park Elementary with Riviera Elementary

Meadowlane Intermediate and Roy Allen Elementary 

Thank you to this year's schools from our sponsors ArtLab and 

Iams Pet Food:

Indialantic Elementary, 

Tropical Elementary, 

Apollo Elementary, 

Atlantis Elementary, 

Lewis Carroll Elementary with Mila Elementary and Gardendale Elementary, 

Christa McAuliffe Elementary, 

Royal Palm Academy, 

Coquina Elementary, 

Meadowlane Intermediate, 

Freedom 7 International Studies Elementary, 

Sabel Elementary

Oak Park Elementary.

To Alexa Benton for the original logo design!

A special thanks to Joyce Jellison and Salina Long our 

obedience trainers who has been so very helpful to the 

Canine Commandos and providing the safety and integrity 

of the program.

Thank you Daniella Sunderland, Tropical's awesome music teacher for her ideas and input for making the theme song 

a masterpiece.

The Canine Commandos program has saved many a dog’s life.  Through this website, we hope to spread the news about this project to other schools.  

Someday the whole nation will join this project so that other dogs’ lives can be saved.

It all started in Portable 7, at Longleaf Elementary in Melbourne, Florida in 2003. Canine Commandos grew from a simple idea, sparked from an Animal Planet show, and has saved many lives.  

Thanks to the students who devoted their time and effort to the dogs, and made possible with this simple saying:    

“Do it for the Dogs!!!”