Canine Commandos Inc !

                                                    Do it for the Dogs!!!    ...and cats too!


Gifted Curriculum Challenge Grant  $10,000

Iams Pet Food   $11,500

Merritt Island Rotary   $500

Brevard Schools Foundations  Mini Bucks   $2,000

Tropical Elementary PTO  $1700

Good Morning America's Get Away with GMA Contest, Top 18 Volunteer Programs -- Mrs. Hamilton awarded inaugural cruise trip on the Oasis of the Seas featuring Rhianna

Disney Adventures All Stars Celebration/Recognition Party for top School Volunteer Program

LifeStyle Homes Teacher Classroom Makeover

Petco   $16,000

North Shore Animal League, 2nd Place PSA Video  $750

Sue Bassett Foundation   $2,500

Orange Appeal Magazine Teacher Makeover

Office Depot's Teachers Change Lives

Women in the Pet Industry Network Finalist for Woman of the Year in the Advocate Category

Eckerd's Children's Hero of the Year-Talent Category

Humane Society of the United States National Humane Teacher of the Year, 2016, Silver Winner

Canine Commandos knows that this website is our voice to the world !

Please feel free to make suggestions, send photographs and stories of Canine Commandos activities and projects,  

We thank you and the Dogs and Cats thank you too !!

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