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Aim Humane

Aim Humane provides Humane and Character Education for all of Brevard County schools.  Look for teacher in-services on the county website.  Aim Humane provides literature and books with humane messages such as It's Raining Cats and Cats with lesson plans and Common Core standards integrating all the subject areas.  
Contact Virginia Hamilton for a list of class sets that can be delivered to your classroom in Brevard County.

Resource Example

Enough is Enough:

A modeled activity for teachers about the 

importance of spay and neutering animals

To sign up to take your class to read to the dogs at the SPCA in Titusville (Thursdays only), click button below.

To see list of class sets that may be checked 

out with lesson plans, click button below.

Aim Humane in the News

Thanks to the $560 from Donors Choose, Aim Humane was able to increase their materials! 

SPCA uses It's Raining Pups and dogs which teaches the importance of spay/neuter. Click on button below for the lesson plans.

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